My Poetry

I am thinking about the poems I write.

They follow a style simple and light.

It’s not very famous. One is rarely a fan

Of the delicate haiku that comes from Japan.

I fear to show you my actual works.

I want to protect them from critical words.

But I’m eager to share them. I write about nature.

I record my impressions when I go out to venture.

I look at the sky and the white fluffy clouds.

I listen to birds chirrup sweet loving sounds.

I take a deep breath and let poppy perfume infuse.

I feel the soft grass and make it my muse

And then I start writing how long winters bring chill

First felt in late autumn on the leaves-covered hill

That in heated mid-summer was a light-hearted fling

Which shamelessly rustled the flowered mosaics of spring.

And before I would know it, my eyes open to see

A whole ocean of beauty just waiting for me

To fully experience and fully absorb

A whole circle of life and fit in an orb

Of three elegant lines.

A huge universe in tiny disguise.

The human emotions now turn into leaves

That flow with the tender serendipitous breeze.

I dream to translate the whole range of those feels

Endless like buds on the lavender fields.

And I can keep talking, keep describing all day

How much I admire every morning sun ray

But if you’d ask for my poems outright to display

My cheeks will start blooming like roses in May…