Category: Senryu

April 4th

“Not enough hours in a day” – for slaving to the system? no, thank you, go away!

April 3rd

all day, all day long I wait for few minutes of romance to share… that someone wasn’t there…

April 2nd

some people buy lovely little houses but overlook the fact their ego can’t fit in

March 29th

I asked for help but didn’t know I had such “busy”, “busy” friends

March 24th

he will stare every time till my cheeks start burning, but if I cast a look away from me he’s turning

March 21st

all week long I struggle to wake up even late, on weekends – could I be your village rooster, please?

March 20th

when I am a friend they search for someone else; I vanish – they hurry back again

February 6th

Ripple in the sand I am and nothing that I do can change it

January 16th

I stay up late to dream big only to wake up with no will to live

December 18th

”CONTROL YOUR ANGER!” he shouted at me at the top of his lungs

December 17

when he slapped his daughter he wondered what hurt more – her cheek or his heart