December 7th

the year market – 

so full of lights, fun, food, wine;

gossip in the cold air

December 6th

eating fresh fish 

I wonder how blowfish tastes

and how big it gets in winter

December 5th

to hide and nap 

untroubled while I keep warm – 

I am a cat in winter

December 4th

winter paddy – one view

that is whiter than the rice

we eat in spring

December 3rd

oh how sorry I feel

that I got lured by the sunny day

in a sudden winter rain

November 26th

sitting indoors,
sipping on hot tea,
I dream the winter mountains

November 25th

the only tea flowers
I will see this season
are boiling in my tea pot

November 24th

I don’t blame you, bedbugs –
you seek shelter but please pour your anger
on my gentle skin

November 23rd

craving porridge every morning
not of hunger but of cold –
so I put the milk to boil

November 22nd

why roses!
so fresh and fragrant and in bloom –
so out of season

November 21st

around the fireplace –
drinking, friendship and laughter
that break the cold spell

November 20th

in days so short,
man should only sleep and have fun
like animals do