It’s a risky game

fluttering around,

little moths play with my flame

while I write dark poems

It’s the little things…

a little pleasure –

during an evening downpour,

meditation and tea


spring wind howls softly –

if you whisper you will feel

words spirited away

Published again!

I’d like to once again thank Edge of Humanity magazine for publishing me and for the incredible content that they have on!

Hope you enjoy this poem – I certainly loved the process of chasing cats around and thinking of it! And if you write poems and articles yourself, it’s worth getting in touch with them and sharing them – you may be the next featured author!

Written by Galya Dimitrova @ Cherry Tree Verses   They dash. You’ll never catch a full glimpse of an Oxford cat. You’ll wait a whole day and still miss. You may be lucky to see a paw, an ear or a tail but approaching them or even petting is a fail. They’re elusive and have […]

Cats Of Oxford

We got published in Edge of Humanity!

I have some great news to share with all of you who read and follow my website! Please have a look at today’s Edge of Humanity magazine publication – this is a poem I submitted to them and got through! Give the magazine a further read as well – I think it’s fantastic and they have a new series on artists!

I do hope you like it. I’m always looking to expand my writing skills and explore new depths of the human experience and life in general.

Would like to thank all of you for reading and commenting on my website – your appreciation never goes unnoticed x

City Limits

Written by Galya Dimitrova @ Cherry Tree Verses   On a very hot day at the station café a woman came in with face sweaty and grey. She looked feeble in an old-fashioned beige dress. She was under hot stress and her hair – hot mess. She kept talking about how she was going to […]

City Limits

For the kicks

I only chase for
the kick of it; once I get
it I don’t want it