it’s cold

it’s cold – the sunlight,

the air, the stones, the cat’s fur,

your eyes – and everything…

Alone on the street

alone on the street-

do I just make some friends with

the dry fallen leaves?…

Migrating birds

migrating birds

soar nervously in the sky;

anxiety inside…

Fresh October, crunchy walk, feeling grateful

The morning started off fresh and cold. I rush to work as I’m not enjoying it. But the air is clear and it fills me up with energy and fresh ideas for the day.

At noon, I take a walk. Autumn is crunching under my feet. Leaves, horse chestnuts, dirt dried up from the rains – it’s all there. Some birds are falling behind the others forming a V in the sky. My scarf is sliding from my shoulder. I’m not sure if I’m hungry or thirsty for a very hot drink. In the end, I choose food. Autumn teases the appetite!

Some nice things happen. Some words of praise are received. I am happy and grateful. I relive them in my mind. I put them in my journal, so that I don’t forget them. Even dinner doesn’t taste better than them.

Autumn day, delays, wearing your new clothes

We’re rushing to catch a train we’ve already missed! I breathe heavy, somewhere a ring tone sings. The next two trains are heavily delayed. We rush to the next platform, the previous train arrives on another.

Finally, we arrive at my parents’. We walk to their home, everywhere autumn is showing off bright warm or ashy colours. Even my mum’s cake reminds me of autumn, with creamy layers and light brown biscuits. Dad is telling inappropriate jokes and my friend is laughing.

I’m wearing my new red sweater because I believe in wearing your new clothes. My mum doesn’t like that’s it’s a cropped top. We’re having drinks and then wander to their back yard to see their wall full of retro plates. Coca Cola ones, sight seeings, and Marilyn Monroe. We also look at the flowers – not so bright and happy at this time of year. It’s cold so we get back to the house. Before we disappear inside, we see pinup girls smiling for various ads.