Tag: plants

January 15th

heavy in my hands, I hold a bunch of spearflower berries; drip, drip, drip red juice

November 25th

the only tea flowers I will see this season are boiling in my tea pot

November 22nd

why roses! so fresh and fragrant and in bloom – so out of season

November 18th

there is no redder shade of red than that of nandin berries against a sky of grey

November 15th

with soup of turnip I cure the tragedies of winter – melancholy and flu.

October 29th

all the trees, all the plants – all their leaves bear withered tips

October 18th

Japanese ivy quite like a chameleon blends with the seasons

I wish I could go – Chrysanthemum Festivals mark the peak of fall

June 19th

tree branch – heavy leaves – collapses in my feet – soft thud, scattered buds

March 12th

buds are popping white, pink, yellow – wet petals top the hedges now

October 23rd

I don’t feel save with heavy chestnuts above me and crushed ones to walk on!

23rd March

On the small green hill yellow daffodils all over. Light wind smooths the grass.