Tag: haiku

January 16th

small brazier, dry wood, small sticks, charcoal warming, heat, sparks and smoke

January 15th

heavy in my hands, I hold a bunch of spearflower berries; drip, drip, drip red juice

January 14th

falling asleep in a warm room – crackles from the fireplace; divine winter pleasure

January 13th

winter does have treats – like oysters – steamed, fried, and raw – fresh from cold oceans

January 12th

every time I walk by the river on my winter stroll my path cross proud waterfowls

January 7th

it doesn’t matter if mild or bitter cold is the winter weather – the ticker the quilt, the better

December 7th

the year market –  so full of lights, fun, food, wine; gossip in the cold air

December 6th

eating fresh fish  I wonder how blowfish tastes and how big it gets in winter

December 5th

to hide and nap  untroubled while I keep warm –  I am a cat in winter

December 4th

winter paddy – one view that is whiter than the rice we eat in spring

December 3rd

oh how sorry I feel that I got lured by the sunny day in a sudden winter rain

November 26th

sitting indoors, sipping on hot tea, I dream the winter mountains