Tag: spring

April 12th

on midday walk warm wind is always welcome when it sweet aroma brings

April 11th

so many people out despite the rain; umbrellas out, raincoats and hiding under the cherry trees

April 10th

the smell of hyacinths – a scent reminiscent of this time last spring…

April 9th

early morning light; the wind ruffles through the leaves of the evergreen trees

April 4th

so much rain! the fields flood, the frogs are happy, snails crawl everywhere

April 3rd

hail in spring! the blossoms fall; rain washes away the faintly scented heap

April 2nd

I go out a bit late, still, I’m greeted by daylight lingering at dusk

March 30th

how deep is the colour of fallen cherry blossoms in the rain – how stormy pink

March 29th

morning mist, early rays, cherry blossoms damp from rain, sweet aromas, pink, green, cranes  

March 26th

early birds sing early songs; bright light shines, bright twilight crawls  

March 22nd

in the starry, starry night I light a candle, close my eyes and listen to the cats in love

March 20th

equinox – the light meets the dark halfway, nirvana between night and day