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cracked open – feelings shatter – pomegranate seeds on a snow white carpet


I used to see her coming. I used to see her going. Running a short nervous run or tip-pawing. I used to spot her in the bushes after sunset, ready to spread all over someone’s carpet. I could see her even when the fog… Continue Reading “Ava”


a year of bliss can’t ever outweigh a day of misery…


tried to break life’s loops – some I did, but now I should fix my spinning mind too…

Things That Chase Sadness Away

Talking taboos and obscenities with family and your closest friends. You give them your honest thoughts and take theirs in. You say the most non-PC words and they can’t help but laugh at how absurd this is! Watching a saga-type film or series where… Continue Reading “Things That Chase Sadness Away”