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Fresh October, crunchy walk, feeling grateful

The morning started off fresh and cold. I rush to work as I’m not enjoying it. But the air is clear and it fills me up with energy and fresh ideas for the day. At noon, I take a walk. Autumn is crunching under… Continue Reading “Fresh October, crunchy walk, feeling grateful”

Quiet, cold, little pleasures

Waking up to complete silence and chill – every morning should be like that. Turning in the sheets to getpre comfortable, I imagine I’m weaving a cocoon. I get up to wash my face. The bathroom’s window has been opened all night. The crisp… Continue Reading “Quiet, cold, little pleasures”


a year of bliss can’t ever outweigh a day of misery…

7th Feb 21: Senryu

when a body’s wrapped in a dead soul – is it really life at all?…

6th Feb 21: Senryu

we lie to each other that we don’t lie to each other – the way of the world