Tag: summer

August 1st

the skin triumphs when in a flash all clothes vanish – in summer private balconies are priceless

June 30th

June darkness? in the month of bluest sky the sun never seems to set

June 21st

it’s June; the longest day of year; peaches melt into my mouth; sun-soaked is the porch  

June 20th

thermometer on high, dog barks and wakes me up; looking outside – shades have spread wide

June 19th

tree branch – heavy leaves – collapses in my feet – soft thud, scattered buds

June 18th

burning sun, heated rays, and the flames of carmine roses, bare back and drips of sweat

June 17th

searching for the paper fan, shaking off the dust – swinging the haze around

May 30th

the shed is now completely covered with fresh luxuriance of leaves

May 29th

the gentle caress of white pollen brushing the ear startling the summer nap

May 22nd

baby ladybird tangles in my hair – tiny wings; a current of warm air

17th July

July’s day melts away. Rasberry sky and ragged clouds. Gentle chill as lullaby.

A single rose amongst thousand dark star leaves. Peaceful loneliness.