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I used to see her coming. I used to see her going. Running a short nervous run or tip-pawing. I used to spot her in the bushes after sunset, ready to spread all over someone’s carpet. I could see her even when the fog… Continue Reading “Ava”

Purrsday Poetry – The Lap Cat Haiku

Hi everyone, Please find below the latest entry in our poetry section by Galya: before she wakes up and leaves you with an empty lap,   you already miss the cat… If you have a poem or story you’d like us to feature why… Continue Reading “Purrsday Poetry – The Lap Cat Haiku”

A purrfect challenge – what I learned from writing cat haiku

According to the internet, Leonardo says: “The Smallest feline is a masterpiece”.

March 21st

spring is still, it’s tranquil – like a cat that naps amidst the spring chill

March 20th

cats are not good at planting seeds but like having spring-pattern things