First of October, new clothes, taste delights

I woke up to the drumming of rain on my ceiling window. I stretched and rolled and slept some more. Who needs to rush on a Friday when they’re not working?

But what got me up was the thought of a home-made breakfast and hot coffee. I drink my coffee always after I’ve eaten. After the crunchy toast. After the flffy eggs. After the bittersweet mixture of tomatoes and a slice of cheese. Then I let it hit my pallette – ah, the bitter taste of milky coffee…

I drink it my kitchen, with the door to my garden wide open. The air is crispy. It’s 1st of October. Autumn this year wastes no time. It’s the most mysterious month – it’s warm but also rainy, it’s cold but it’s bright. As if it can’t decide what to be so it just is.

I’m now looking forward to going out. I’ve decided on buying new clothes. And the jewel in the crown will be a red sweater. I have all kinds of sweaters in all colours but not a red one… Once in the shop, I choose the reddest, warmest, coziest one. I love sweaters and blowses whose sleeves are slightly longer so they cover half of my hands naturally. Then I pull th more so I cover the whole of my hands. It makes me feel so comfort and I’ve noticed other people doing it. Some of us instinctively know how to make ourselves happier with the littlest things in life ❤️


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