Month: October 2018

October 29th

all the trees, all the plants – all their leaves bear withered tips

October 28th

really felt the chill of autumn – through the opened window it put out my candle

October 27th

hot mushroom soup while the skies are pouring down – such peace…

October 26th

lonely in the field, the scarecrows have no choice but make peace with crows

October 25th

ink on paper, yellow lamplight glows above; light wind and stars

October 24th

while walking in the rain I see the drenched haystacks and why, oh why, I muse over summer?…

October 23rd

every time I look above, I get lost, I immerse, I swim through mackerel clouds

October 22nd

there is no place so crowded yet so lone like a park in autumn…

October 21st

soft, juicy, salted, steamed, with potatoes – melt in the mouth the scrumptious autumn sea bassli

October 20th

the autumn voices sing in a choir of wind, of crickets and of silence

October 19th

if I stay in, I’ll hear gnawing – soft yet persistent – worms cry in the night  

October 18th

Japanese ivy quite like a chameleon blends with the seasons