6th Feb 21: Senryu

we lie to each other

that we don’t lie to each other –

the way of the world

First Raven

in the dead silence

I heard the first raven cry –

black feather left behind

new year – first day

not a sound, not a soul;

lingering fireworks smoke;

new year – first day…

Things That Chase Sadness Away

Talking taboos and obscenities with family and your closest friends. You give them your honest thoughts and take theirs in. You say the most non-PC words and they can’t help but laugh at how absurd this is!

Watching a saga-type film or series where the story sucks you in and you forget your troubles.

Holding a cat  ♥️

Sleeping. Once I slept through a devastating break-up. It happened in the early hours of a warm summer morning. The world was preparing for a beautiful day. I called up my best friend, took a taxi to her house and slept through the entire first day. I randomly woke up at about noon. She said: “Sleep again.”

Scented candles.

Learning new things – because sometimes only you can be there for yourself.

Food – any kind, of any amount, any time.

Helping someone else out – because you never have it as bad as you think.



Watching a hot-tempered person getting more and more irritated over trivial things.

The voice of a favourite comedian.

Treating yourself to something you haven’t enjoyed in a long time.

Observing the beauty of Nature – because it elevates, teaches, and gives more than anything else.

November 26th

when the winter day is clear,

crisp air and pale sun tease you

before the sun sets early