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Autumn day, delays, wearing your new clothes

We’re rushing to catch a train we’ve already missed! I breathe heavy, somewhere a ring tone sings. The next two trains are heavily delayed. We rush to the next platform, the previous train arrives on another. Finally, we arrive at my parents’. We walk… Continue Reading “Autumn day, delays, wearing your new clothes”

Quiet, cold, little pleasures

Waking up to complete silence and chill – every morning should be like that. Turning in the sheets to getpre comfortable, I imagine I’m weaving a cocoon. I get up to wash my face. The bathroom’s window has been opened all night. The crisp… Continue Reading “Quiet, cold, little pleasures”

November 5th

late autumn day, sun in full shine, calm waters, happy and calm inside

October 25th

lunch break, breath of air, quiet trees shedding leaves and in the bushes sparrows spy on me

September 8th

tap, tap, tap – raindrops on the rose leaves flood my dreams on a wet September day