Tag: birds

October 26th

lonely in the field, the scarecrows have no choice but make peace with crows

March 29th

morning mist, early rays, cherry blossoms damp from rain, sweet aromas, pink, green, cranes  

March 26th

early birds sing early songs; bright light shines, bright twilight crawls  

March 18th

between late snowfalls, spring endures – snowdrops crack the ice, birds outsing the chilling howls

March 9th

rainy night, the cuckoo sings, from branches drip the springs of spring

March 6th

blackbird, blackbird, with a yellow beak – don’t fly off when towards you I creep!

December 18th

robin! I saw you, I blinked and you were gone… robin? or a red dot?

October 25th

lunch break, breath of air, quiet trees shedding leaves and in the bushes sparrows spy on me

August 22nd

Afternoon. Wild geese across the sky while I softly fall asleep.


A couple of grey doves cuddle on a naked tree branch. Cold dawn breaks slowly.

A July morning. Golden sunrise on the azure. A crow glides across.  


Grey skies, heavy clouds. Frozen grass swept to the ground. Magpies jump around.