Tag: calmness

August 20th

In the morning chill muted crisp of fallen leaves. Dawn peeps through the trees.

A single rose amongst thousand dark star leaves. Peaceful loneliness.


I fall asleep on the drizzle in the evening lull. Sun sets silently.

A July morning. Golden sunrise on the azure. A crow glides across.  

Spring Stamps

White spots here and there pop up. No snowflakes anymore. White buds spring for spring.


Morning mist wears thin, ghostly vapour lingers in the winter dawn.


Dark blue night curtain above yellow sunset light. Between – violet harmony line.

February Bruise

Warmth and cold have clashed. On the dim skyline tonight lilac stains fade out.

Winter Fever

Warm wind from the west brings a breath of fresh air. Raindrops are flying around.


A hint of spring brings the wind rolling through the grass soft deep green cold waves.


A single raindrop heavy with cold solitude drops in a small puddle.


Sharp naked branches reach out to the sky. Their twigs pierce the clouds.