Tag: clouds

October 23rd

every time I look above, I get lost, I immerse, I swim through mackerel clouds

March 13th

the sky in spring – both deep and shallow, patched up with clouds, smooth as silk…

Autumn’s Closet

cotton, linen and seven kimono fabrics. rich is the autumn sky

September 21st

flock of clouds cut in half – sharp sun rays caress the fields after all that rain

22nd March

Sky. Sunset-soaked clouds. Slight wind, ruffled leaves, sweet air. Cherry tree in full bloom.


Heavy clouds weigh down threatening to burst with rain in the chilly day.

Frosty Peril

Cold wave settles in – freezing rain lingers in the air under hazy skies.


Sharp naked branches reach out to the sky. Their twigs pierce the clouds.

January Ice Tea

Peachy sky drips light like juice squeezed on the clouds soaking in cool glow.


Cotton clouds slowly float to merge in a giant quilt bright, cushy and cold.