Tag: flowers

June 18th

burning sun, heated rays, and the flames of carmine roses, bare back and drips of sweat

April 10th

the smell of hyacinths – a scent reminiscent of this time last spring…

March 18th

between late snowfalls, spring endures – snowdrops crack the ice, birds outsing the chilling howls

October 27th

heavy eyelids, crackling of a little candle, shine of the crescent moon, scent of Japanese orchid

October 1st

pale rose on the wall blooming through the bricks, through the rain, through the frost, through the grey

September 6th

apples, pumpkin, dahlias, fallen leaves and rain – autumn! – your perfume is so cold

September 5th

cold through the window cold through the door, icy drizzle on the fading roses