Tag: trees

April 11th

so many people out despite the rain; umbrellas out, raincoats and hiding under the cherry trees

March 19th

the cherry trees shiver, the wind is far too strong, the snow – so out of place

December 15th

No, not in summer nor in spring do evergreen trees smell so sweet as in the winter frost

October 29th

Ah! how bittersweet to see the last leaf fall of a tall proud tree

October 25th

lunch break, breath of air, quiet trees shedding leaves and in the bushes sparrows spy on me

October 23rd

I don’t feel save with heavy chestnuts above me and crushed ones to walk on!

August 24th

The conversations we had under the fig tree linger in the heat.

August 23rd

The air is fresher on the top of a pine tree. Its branches shed sunlight.

22nd March

Sky. Sunset-soaked clouds. Slight wind, ruffled leaves, sweet air. Cherry tree in full bloom.

20th March

Cold wind sheds blossoms. Green leaves brighten in the rain. It’s bright. It’s early.


On a stump of severed tree as young branches grow and bloom past and present meet.

Spring Velvet

Quiet evening. Cherry tree buds softly ajar – Pink prints on dark horizon.