Tag: wind

November 7th

first day of winter – sunshine, slight wind, crickets sing – Indian summer…

October 28th

really felt the chill of autumn – through the opened window it put out my candle

October 25th

ink on paper, yellow lamplight glows above; light wind and stars

October 20th

the autumn voices sing in a choir of wind, of crickets and of silence

October 15th

out of the shower – October wind touches steamy skin – soft towel wraps up tighter

October 14th

so intense, so cool, it splits the fields in half – such is the powerful windstorm

September 3rd

early autumn – open window- darkness swiftly creeping in – cool wind for fresh dreams

April 12th

on midday walk warm wind is always welcome when it sweet aroma brings

April 9th

early morning light; the wind ruffles through the leaves of the evergreen trees

March 19th

the cherry trees shiver, the wind is far too strong, the snow – so out of place

March 14th

such wind! such leaf rustle! Saohime is rushing to and fro to settle spring.

December 2nd

pouring rain, blistering cold, icy wind and rose perfume blended on my skin