Tag: winter day


A couple of grey doves cuddle on a naked tree branch. Cold dawn breaks slowly.


Fresh air and warm sun foretell coming of better days. No frost fell today.


Touched fresh morning frost. Shivered, felt it melt and sighed. Some sprinkled on the ground.

Flaky March

Tiny raindrops fly in the blade-cold air and freeze to turn white and colder.


Rain chatters all day long like a singing waterfall. Sunset drowned in fog.


Heavy clouds weigh down threatening to burst with rain in the chilly day.


Piercing sunny rays dissolve the greyness straight away. Days feel more like days.


Sickened sun paling with waxy yellow cool light shimmers up above.

February Surprise

Temperature has risen, sun has shined, no rain, blue skies. Just for a day…


Stone-cold sun, scruffy clouds, ghost of snow not falling down, rain falling upside down.  

Smells like spring

Raindrops didn’t reach the ground. Sun shines. Cold wind brushed but ceased. The air is full of spring.


Morning mist wears thin, ghostly vapour lingers in the winter dawn.