Month: January 2016

Winter Wonder

Howling wind – mild nights. Sunny days of frosted light. Is this wintertime?


Snowdrops and crocuses crop up from the frozen ground in a rush for spring.

Winter Storm Omens

Sweeping winds by day, rain in torrent through the night, milky rime at dawn.

Frosty Peril

Cold wave settles in – freezing rain lingers in the air under hazy skies.

Winter Fever

Warm wind from the west brings a breath of fresh air. Raindrops are flying around.


Birdless, noiseless day. Gloomy colours fade away. Nightfall starts at noon.


A hint of spring brings the wind rolling through the grass soft deep green cold waves.


A single raindrop heavy with cold solitude drops in a small puddle.


Sharp naked branches reach out to the sky. Their twigs pierce the clouds.


Grey, no clouds, no wind. A sun ray pierces the lead and brushes the ground.

January Ice Tea

Peachy sky drips light like juice squeezed on the clouds soaking in cool glow.

Winter Sunrise

The sun will soon melt all white veils of morning frost, leaving behind small tear drops.