Month: February 2016


Hot air setting in. Sun caressing the rooftops. Hope for spring lingers.


Strong cold wind plays with trees, leaves and patience.   Tiredness, annoyance.


White dust all the way – soft, shimmering and melting- crunches when touched.


Heavy clouds weigh down threatening to burst with rain in the chilly day.


Piercing sunny rays dissolve the greyness straight away. Days feel more like days.


Sickened sun paling with waxy yellow cool light shimmers up above.

February Surprise

Temperature has risen, sun has shined, no rain, blue skies. Just for a day…

Winter Presence

Wind has been howling for three days in a row and takes away warmth and hope.

Airy Showers

Cold strong wind currents pour over like ocean waves and freeze hands and faces.

Wintry Desert

Icy dry air hovers over leaves, trees, soil. Frost shimmers. Windy, cold. Not a drop of water.

Growing Day

Purple veil weighs down, the night crawls instead of falls. The dusk exudes warmth.


Rain falls in torrent and with invisible paint deepens the colours around.