Month: October 2017

October 29th

Ah! how bittersweet to see the last leaf fall of a tall proud tree

October 28th

silhouettes of leaves swaying by the window. cool wind for good night

October 27th

heavy eyelids, crackling of a little candle, shine of the crescent moon, scent of Japanese orchid

October 26th

still, dark, quiet, cold – it is a starless night – thank goodness I am home


Dear All,   I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for helping me reach this amazing milestone and supporting me through my haiku journey. As you all know – this is a delicate and beautiful art form that deserves our appreciation…

October 25th

lunch break, breath of air, quiet trees shedding leaves and in the bushes sparrows spy on me

October 23rd

I don’t feel save with heavy chestnuts above me and crushed ones to walk on!