Month: November 2017

November 29th

numb cheeks and crimson lips, could almost feel the first snow while snugging in a cold blanket

November 27th

first frost – crisp, crisp, crisp the moon glides through the sky trying not to slip

November 20th

sky full of stars – mesmerised my mind sways – kaleidoscope of cold twinkle…

November 17th

dark and cold don’t matter when you walk beside a friend, leaving a hard day behind

November 15th

even in winter you could see spring wishes shining in my eyes

November 14th

the saddest view at the beginning of winter – red leaves drown in puddles

November 13th

the more the sun shines the colder it gets – how curious…

November 7th

fishes in the pond, please swim faster, do not freeze on the first winter day

November 5th

late autumn day, sun in full shine, calm waters, happy and calm inside

November 4th

the rain keeps falling the leaves keep falling, and the sun – it rises despite…