A new challenge

Hello friends,

After the way too long “break” that I took from my website, I thought it is only fair to return with something new that will breathe some fresh air into my posts.

I have planned a few things that I am really looking forward to develop throughout the year but I’m going to be working through them one at a time.

So from tomorrow, 1st Jan 2020, I am starting the “100 Days Cat Haiku Challenge” – where every haiku poem I post for 100 days will be cat related and will also feature a cat image.

This is very exciting to me as it combines two of my favourite things – cats and writing into one. I deeply admire these beautiful animals, full of mystery and grace, and I’m hoping to deepen my knowledge and fascination to them through this project.

Hope you enjoy it too! Here is to a new decade! Meow ^_^


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