Things That Chase Sadness Away

Talking taboos and obscenities with family and your closest friends. You give them your honest thoughts and take theirs in. You say the most non-PC words and they can’t help but laugh at how absurd this is!

Watching a saga-type film or series where the story sucks you in and you forget your troubles.

Holding a cat  ♥️

Sleeping. Once I slept through a devastating break-up. It happened in the early hours of a warm summer morning. The world was preparing for a beautiful day. I called up my best friend, took a taxi to her house and slept through the entire first day. I randomly woke up at about noon. She said: “Sleep again.”

Scented candles.

Learning new things – because sometimes only you can be there for yourself.

Food – any kind, of any amount, any time.

Helping someone else out – because you never have it as bad as you think.



Watching a hot-tempered person getting more and more irritated over trivial things.

The voice of a favourite comedian.

Treating yourself to something you haven’t enjoyed in a long time.

Observing the beauty of Nature – because it elevates, teaches, and gives more than anything else.


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