Warming up to Autumn

An update for all haiku enthusiasts who follow my blog – autumn is coming!

I know it’s only early August but I write haiku in season and according to the traditional seasons of Japanese poetry, autumn starts on 8th August.

I will still be writing summer haiku here and there when I get inspired until the summer season is over but generally I’ll be concentrating on autumnal haiku from this Monday coming.

Now, I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of autumn. In the past, autumn has been a time for melancholy and unpleasant experiences so not really linking it to good times. However, I’m up for the challenge of warming up to autumn and have better times this autumn season this year, and I can’t wait to mirror that in my haiku!

I haven’t completely decided yet what the theme of my autumnal haiku will be. My summer one was under the theme of “enchantment” so a lot of magic-connected words were used. For autumn, I was thinking maybe “richness, wealth, prosperity”. Haven’ completely decided yet but will do till Monday so that I start my new haiku season.

Once again, as I’m not a big autumn fan, I’ll be working on other writing alongside haiku and I’m looking forward to share my plans with you once they’re in place!

Have a good weekend and a good autumn ♡



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