Exciting Content Announcement!

To all my readers,

You’ve been amazing sticking up with me through the consistent (and inconsistent) haiku I’ve been posting throughout the years. I’m very grateful for every view, like and comment on the poems.

And I feel I’m ready to commit to more than just haiku.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my weekly posts of series of my “slice-of-life” type story called “Red House Saga”. In this story, I continue exploring my fascination of nature’s beauty and the beauty of each season, as well as my interest in Japanese culture. The story will follow a vaguely coherent narrative, as the slice of life elements will be prominent. You will keep seeing the traditional seasonal words kigo appearing throughout the story as well.

I have a clear vision of how the narrative will develop but at this early stage, I don’t know how many chapters the story will end up having.

This won’t interfere with my haikus which I will continue publishing daily.

“Red House Saga” chapters will be published every Sunday, starting tomorrow – 14th August 2022.

As ever, I will appreciate any feedback on it.

Heads up, I am developing my knowledge of the culture all the time and I am fully aware that not everything in my story will be historically correct. I will be setting it up in the Edo Period.

Please approach it as a work of fiction and enjoy it as such.

There will be parallels between real historical figures and events but the main objective is to write a series that you’ll enjoy and base it mainly on my own fantasy.

Can’t wait to publish chapter one! See you there 🙂



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