Tag: zen

October 27th

hot mushroom soup while the skies are pouring down – such peace…

September 3rd

early autumn – open window- darkness swiftly creeping in – cool wind for fresh dreams

June 20th

thermometer on high, dog barks and wakes me up; looking outside – shades have spread wide

June 17th

searching for the paper fan, shaking off the dust – swinging the haze around

May 29th

the gentle caress of white pollen brushing the ear startling the summer nap

April 9th

early morning light; the wind ruffles through the leaves of the evergreen trees

January 2nd

silent room. light drizzle. incense stick evaporates. dim the lights and sleep.

October 25th

lunch break, breath of air, quiet trees shedding leaves and in the bushes sparrows spy on me

August 24th

The conversations we had under the fig tree linger in the heat.

August 22nd

Afternoon. Wild geese across the sky while I softly fall asleep.

23rd March

On the small green hill yellow daffodils all over. Light wind smooths the grass.

22nd March

Sky. Sunset-soaked clouds. Slight wind, ruffled leaves, sweet air. Cherry tree in full bloom.