Tag: zen


White flowers blossom On the hedge. It’s dusk. White glow. Soothing stars on earth.

Wake-up Call

Sunrise. A glowing ray touches a little lamb sleeping on the soft grass.

Cold Sugar

Bright red and dark green – buds and leaves coated with frost. Sweet winter morning.

February Bruise

Warmth and cold have clashed. On the dim skyline tonight lilac stains fade out.

Winter Fever

Warm wind from the west brings a breath of fresh air. Raindrops are flying around.


A single raindrop heavy with cold solitude drops in a small puddle.

January Ice Tea

Peachy sky drips light like juice squeezed on the clouds soaking in cool glow.

Winter Sunrise

The sun will soon melt all white veils of morning frost, leaving behind small tear drops.


Cotton clouds slowly float to merge in a giant quilt bright, cushy and cold.

January afternoon

Heavy rain pours down cold season’s melancholy. Eyelids over-weigh.

Winter’s Summer Dream

In the lazy noon on the January sky pink roses in bloom.

Afternoon zen

Torrential rain pitter-patters on the leaves, singing afternoon lullabies.