Fugu Dish

Life has become like a fugu dish –

Pushes you till you swell like a blowfish.

Plays around with you like a skilled chef,

every day on edge like dicing with death.

Staying positive is quite the luxury.

Its poison flows rapidly and violently.

Cuts your head open to mess with your brain.

Sure, you’re toxic but you can still feel the pain.

Its meticulous slicing drives you nuts

till you feel venom brewes down in your guts.

So you summon up your strength and you pick a blade,

careful not to make a small but fatal mistake.

But you wonder now if it’s worth the fight

against something deadlier than cyanide.

Going up against this is quite the event –

no warnings, or guarantees and no concent.

You witness numbness, paralysis and finally death

and it keeps you fully conscious untill the very end.

So your only option is to trust the keen edge

left at the mercy of this highly trained chef.

So sit down and eat up at your own risk.

Remember there’s no known antidote to this.

Translucent fugu pieces thin as paper…

Would you like to bet on their poisonous flavour?…

Enjoy slice by slice as much as you wish.

Yes, life can sometimes be like a fugu dish…


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