Month: August 2020

August 27th

refreshing and bitter is the air; I breathe in gloom, calm I exhale

August 25th

autumn wind – it sweeps even the trees in its way; but thoughts grow deeper…

August 24th

eyes stare out, mind stares in – the autumn contemplation – onsen steam floating…

Late Night Things

Whispers. Fireflies. Good ideas. Brilliant ideas. Melancholy. Gentle rain. Best experienced indoors, in a cozy bed, while it pitter-patters on the leaves or on the roof. Talks with a friend. Those can continue till the morning and yet, you don’t get tired or sleepy!… Continue Reading “Late Night Things”

Annoying Things in the Autumn season

It’s a warm and clear day, and you have light clothes and open shoes on. Then torrential rain starts pouring out of the blue and you get soaked to the bone running for the nearest bus. You get on all soaked through, take a… Continue Reading “Annoying Things in the Autumn season”