Annoying Things in the Autumn season

It’s a warm and clear day, and you have light clothes and open shoes on. Then torrential rain starts pouring out of the blue and you get soaked to the bone running for the nearest bus. You get on all soaked through, take a seat and you see the sun shining through the clouds again!

Same thing with laundry – you’ve trusted the forecast and hang your clothes outside. Then the rain starts pouring and makes them even more wet then they used to be.

New bugs start appearing out of nowhere.

Worms are now everywhere because of the rains. One was even stuck to my window, probably dropped by a bird.

All great summer experiences end.

Strong cold winds start blowing more often.

The autumn melancholy. It’s the transit season between summer where you have a lot of fun outside and winter where you celebrate mainly indoors. But for a few months, you’re in limbo and it seems like time has slowed down. That makes you spend more time reminiscing and generally moody.

Sometimes events are called off last second because of bad weather. They’re usually the ones you’ve most looked forward to.

Sometimes it gets hot when you least expect it but you can’t enjoy it for too long because it cools off just as quickly…

Days become shorter.

It’s too cold or wet for cats and they’re hiding. If you can’t have a cat and you were taking pleasure in seeing the neighbours’ felines, you’re out of luck now most of the time.

The streets are more deserted – especially if you live in tourist area. Seeing or meeting new people brings a lot of joy and if that prospect is gone, there’s one more thing to feel moody about.

The mornings are now colder and you don’t want to get out of bed.

You can’t just go to the park and spend all day long there as in summer.


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