Late Night Things



Good ideas.

Brilliant ideas.


Gentle rain. Best experienced indoors, in a cozy bed, while it pitter-patters on the leaves or on the roof.

Talks with a friend. Those can continue till the morning and yet, you don’t get tired or sleepy!

Crimson red. No better time than the night, when this shade’s intensity comes to life.

Secret randez-vous.

Crackling fire.

Cool wind.

Comfortable clothes.

Foreign words that aren’t easy to translate. Think “umami” or “hygge”.


Noir novels.

Noir films.

Cat love sounds.

Smoking on the balcony.

Mysterious sounds. Some make your skin crawl.

Floating fog.

Relaxing baths.

Heavy perfumes.

Heavy eyelids.

Moonlight on water.

Plans for the future.

Jazz music.

Staring at the road ahead. When I worked night shifts at a bar, I had to sometimes make sure no one comes out in the garden area. Staring at the road ahead made me feel relaxed and in a strange way, it used to give me sense of direction and hope for better days.


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