Autumnal Pleasures

Observing the changing landscape – the more autumn deepens, the warm colours of it – yellow, brown, red and orange – start paling – but for a few weeks, they’re in full splendour. I remember a road trip in the mountains many years ago in the autumn, when the full pallet of these colours had spread out from the lowest points through the slopes, to the heights of the mountain.

Drinking anything with pumpkin-spice flavour – plus eating all dishes and desserts before the season’s gone!

Listening to the rain while taking an afternoon nap.

Watching cats contemplating existence on the window panes for hours.

If the wind is not too cold, go out and take its energy in. If there happens to be a cold windstorm, switch all distractions off and just listen at home.

There are fewer distractions now that summer’s gone, and you can take more time to take care of yourself.

Looking at the moon.

Listening to the autumn’s voice – it’s dry (leaves),it’s persistent (insects), it’s soothing (rain).

Warm comfortable jumpers.

Clouds are more scattered – the sky is intensely blue.

Watching the migrating birds practice their departure in “V” shape.

The mystery that’s filled the air…


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